We are immensely grateful to those whose generous support and enthusiasm is vested in the Temple Music Foundation and its work. The Honourable Societies of Inner Temple and Middle Temple offer significant contributions, particularly through their in-kind contributions.

We are indebted to all and every one of our supporters, who give generously in so very many different ways. Every single gift, at any and every level, is greatly welcomed and valued.

Sir Richard Aikens
Sir Scott Baker
Katie Bradford
Sir John Chadwick
Mrs Jane M Croft
Andrew Davies
Caroline and Simon Davies
Lord Dyson
Roger Gifford
Mark Holford
Rosamund Horwood-Smart QC
Sir Keith Lindblom
Nicholas Hilliard QC
Robert and Philippa John
Sir Andrew Longmore
Cathryn McGahey QC
Catharine Otton-Goulder QC
David Paget
Mark Sheldon CBE