The Phantom of the Opera – Silent Film

Tuesday 26 November 7pm, Temple Church

£15.00 — £30.00

Tickets £15 £20 £30

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Generously supported by The Morris-Venables Charitable Foundation

The Phantom of the Opera Silent Film
David Briggs organ

Music and film have always had a special relationship. The soundtrack to any film adds a unique dimension that touches us emotionally and enhances the story. Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera has been adapted many times, but this 1925 film is the first surviving adaptation and thought by many to be the finest and most faithful to the original story. Acclaimed organist David Briggs, renowned for his improvised film accompaniments, will add his own musical interpretation to this silent horror film, 96 years and a day after it was first released.

David’s playing, whilst of staggering virtuosity and inventiveness, matched the film perfectly with just the right amount of humour for a modern day audience looking at silent film from yesteryear without detracting from the original intent of the film itself.
Simon Williams, Director of Music, St George’s, Hanover Square