Vierne Organ Symphonies DVD/CD

Roger Sayer

Price: £31.50

This Boxset has one DVD and three CDs and is celebration of the 150th anniversary of Louis Vierne’s birth in 1870.

Roger Sayer gives spectacular performances of all six of Louis Vierne’s organ symphonies on the magnificent 1923/1954/2013 Harrison and Harrison organ of the Temple Church, London.

Recorded in extraordinary power and vivid detail in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, and filmed in 4k, all six symphonies are presented on both CD and as filmed performances on DVD.

The boxed set includes detailed notes exploring the musical content of the symphonies, plus a full specification of the organ, all included within a lavishly designed digifile boxset. Please watch the trailer in which Roger Sayer explains and introduces the music.


1: Symphonie No. 1 Op. 14
i Prélude
ii Fugue
iii Pastoral
iv Allegro vivace
v Andante
vi Final

2: Symphonie No. 2 Op. 20
i Allegro
ii Choral
iii Scherzo
iv Cantabile
v Final

3: Symphonie No. 3 Op. 28
i Allegro maestoso
ii Cantilène
iii Intermezzo
iv Adagio
v Final

4: Symphonie No. 4 Op. 32
i Prélude
ii Allegro
iii Menuet
iv Romance
v Final

5: Symphonie No. 5 Op. 47
i Grave
ii Allegro molto marcato
iii Tempo di scherzo ma non troppo vivo
iv Larghetto
v Final

6: Symphonie No. 6 Op. 59
i Introduction et Allegro
ii Aria
iii Scherzo
iv Adagio
v Final




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